Setting Business Goals and Tips For Sticking to Them

Setting Business Goals

Setting business goals and tips For sticking to them. It’s important to have real and specific goals in your business, they provide direction, accountability, and motivation. These goals can be financial or it can be a specific goal YOU want to achieve for yourself in your business. No matter how many goals you wish to set these are some things to keep in mind, is your goal relevant, are you able to attain that goal, how will you hold yourself accountable to achieve said goal, and lastly how much time/money will it take to achieve your goal. These are all questions that you will be able to answer after you have laid out these steps for setting a business goal. Plus I will include some tips for sticking to them! Read on sistas.

Remember setting a goal doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. All it takes is getting in the right headspace and figuring out what goal you want to achieve. So let’s get started.

Setting a goal

Okay now it’s time to put on your thinking cap. My go-to method to setting any goal, starts with finding a quiet place free of distractions, grabbing my favorite journal and jotting down all the ideas or prompts that pop into my head that revolves around my business. Now that you’ve got it all down on paper it’s time to review and narrow it down- what is the specific goal? For example when I started my first business, an online baby boutique my first step was to set up shop.

Setting Business Goals and Tips For Sticking to Them

Is this goal relevant

Yes you read that right. Probably the most important question you need to ask yourself when setting a business goal, is this goal relevant? Does this goal fall in alignment with what you are trying to accomplish with your business? In my case, as an online retailer this was a big one, because I needed a “location”  to showcase my products, so I needed to build a website, stat.

The strategy

Coming up with a strategy. What are the steps involved in achieving your goal? This part is a bit more detailed and involves a strategy. As you develop a strategy to reach your goals, you will have steps within that strategy. For example, if your goal is to build your own website, then this is what the steps may look like:

  •  Come up with a name for your website  
  •  Check name availability  
  • Purchase the domain name  
  •  Start designing your website or determine if you are able to design the website yourself. If not, then hire someone to design it for you

Break everything down into small, specific steps and look at it on paper (It helps, I promise.) Other factors to consider are money and time. How much money do you need to purchase the domain name and design your website? Because let’s face it, money makes the world go round and you need money to make money. This step works best if you have a number here, it can range from monthly expenses to yearly expenses. Setting financial goals can be different for everyone, so be realistic and honest with the amount you think it will cost (then times it by two, trust me!)  It may be helpful to set two financial goals for the long-term and the short-term.

When it comes to time, this is another let’s be real question. Not only must you ask yourself how long will it take to attain this goal?  But how much time do you actually need to accomplish this goal? One month? Six months? One year? It is best to set a realistic and specific time frame because it is important for you and your business to follow through with every step to achieve your goal. It’s tempting to set a goal we can’t reach because we just don’t have a grasp on how much (or how little) time we have. Also, hours on paper seldom work out exactly right in real life – you need some breaks (because we all need wine breaks), and life happens. Especially for those working mamas who have a lot of people counting on them.

setting business goals

Holding yourself accountable

Speaking of holding yourself accountable, how will you make sure that you reach your goal? This might be my favorite part out of all this because you can be as creative as you want. Adding a milestone to your strategy and for some -adding a reward might be a fun and easy way to keep you motivated, and on the right path to achieving your goal. For this one- what I like to do is reward myself by working on a fun or creative project, that is necessary, but not as crucial for the business. For example, designing business cards or stickers. I love promotional merchandise!

Setting business goals

Achieving your goal and tips for sticking to your goals

This is when the real work begins, you get to implement your strategy for attaining your goal. Yay! Things to keep in mind- track your progress towards your goals. This can actually help you get a handle on how well you’re doing. So, pull out that trusted journal and write down how you are doing on your business goal or better yet write out daily affirmations about what you want for yourself and your business. You can achieve your goals, if you put in the work. For my Latinas out there #sisepuede.  This can also help you see areas in which you need to improve and areas where you excel. At the end of the day you are your biggest critic, so why not set yourself up for success!

Sending out good vibes and love


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