Why I Choose to be Happy – Awareness is the key to happiness

having or marked by an atmosphere of good fellowship

Happiness is not defined as one thing, it has the power to be interpreted in a number of ways. Perhaps the one the thing we can all agree on is that happiness is a choice. We all have the ability to choose it for ourselves. Continue reading on to learn how you can choose to be happy too.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been in that relationship. The one that reached the point where we begin to question things. We ask ourselves, “There is nothing wrong with so-in-so, but why am I not happy? ” Or have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to find happiness?  A person could have all the money in the world and still be unhappy. A person could be surrounded by all their friends and loved ones, and still be lonely.  Alternatively, a person could own nothing but the clothes on their back, and be happy to be alive. 

The difference is, this person has graciously accepted their surroundings and has found some greater meaning in it. Ultimately, deciding to make the experience more pleasurable. This person chose to be happy with what they had, by being mindful of the moment. Recognizing the potential it may have and not thinking twice about it. Much like this person, that is what I choose to do each and every day.

A big part of being happy is having the awareness of your surroundings at that moment. Being mindful took a lot of practice and it is something that I still actively work on every day. It started with creating small daily habits like getting back to nature, meditating, and worrying a little less over the things I have no control over. It doesn’t end there though, it is a mental thing too.

Changing your state of mind starts with actively choosing to do so. Start by appreciating your blessings, seeing the good in people, and your environment. The second step will require that you become more aware of your five senses. Ever notice how the smell of freshly baked pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) puts a smile on your face? Or when you hear your favorite song come on the speaker? That’s your senses at work.

Why I Choose to be Happy

Using our senses to become more aware of our surroundings is an important part of being present and living in the moment. It’s then that we can change our surroundings to become more pleasing to us. This could include some small, but significant changes, like hanging art on your wall. Picking up a fresh cut bouquet of flowers from the farmers market. Better yet starting a new skincare routine, or placing candles by the bathtub. It’s that small change that can alter your state of mind, because nobody is angry when there is self-care involved in their daily routine.

If those small changes in your environment don’t work then try something a bit more dramatic like changing the colors of your walls. Have you ever seen an angry person in a yellow-colored room? Negative! Colors can change the energy in your room if you don’t believe that then look into Feng Shui. You’ll be installing fountains in your home and painting rooms before you know it! The point is if you need to change things in your environment then do it, do whatever it takes to shift your mindset and be happy. You deserve to live your #bestlife.

Again, awareness is the key to happiness. After you have become aware of yourself and your surroundings, you can choose to be appreciative and happy.

Lots of love


Why I Choose to be Happy – Awareness is the key to happiness

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