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Why I admit to failure.

Failure is something that none of us ever plans for but, it is a part of human nature. As we experience failure, how do we accept it and move on if we are unable to admit it? As someone who has started more than one business, I have had my fair share of failures. While the sting of failure hurts at first, I didn’t let it sway my desire to continue. Instead I revaluated my process, redefined it if I had too, and moved on. Because without admitting failures I would have missed out on opportunities.

In business we must determine what success in that business looks like as well as preparing for the unforeseen. The next step is to admit to failure. I’m not saying to scream it from the rooftops and broadcast the failure for the world to see and hear. What I’m suggesting is that we admit to failing to ourselves and if necessary to the ones closest to us. Next, we must redefine what failure is and let it go.

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If our success depends on a financial reward, we need to know what we must do to achieve that reward. Otherwise, we are at risk of failure. Consider this for a minute – success can be measured not by financial reward but, by the impact that we have on our lives and the lives of others. The concept of not having the expectation of a financial reward can allow for the freedom to not hold back. Isn’t that what business is about, being bold, and taking risks?

To be successful at anything requires us to go into a venture with a narrow definition of what success looks like. If we have not defined success before we attempt something new then, how do we know when it is time to give up on it and try something else? Although, it is not always a financial reward that comes with success, because much success is totally unrelated to finance. Admitting to failure also for us to learn and grow in our business.

Many a time we can find it difficult to admit to ourselves and those near and dear to us that we have failed because it is embarrassing. Still, it doesn’t have to be, instead see it as a rite of passage. Failure is merely a bump in the road that you must go over in order to achieve success. When you redefine failure it no longer holds the power over you. You know the power, the power that makes you feel down, or prevents you from trying again. That power, let it go.

Down with Steph

So is it possible then to actually fail and succeed at the same time? This is the point that I would like you to consider. As you go through your life, ask yourself what the impact is that you have had on the lives of others? Then weigh that impact on the result that you have achieved. It may not be a situation where you can claim a financial victory. Perhaps, it may be a situation where you are have been aligned to reap a financial reward in the future. There is no greater feeling in that, knowing that abundance is on the horizon, right?

I know you have read the books by John C. Maxwell, that used this phrase. Whether we are successful now or have been in the past, we are all involved in the process of “Failing Forward”. I wholeheartedly believe that to achieve success we must all be prepared to live by these words. It is also worth noting that, while we are on this journey we should all be supportive of others when we see that they are in need of support.

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